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Pope Francis Holy Spirit. This touches on Pastor's sermon this morning! Definitely need to pray this more often.

#quotes <- so true!! I miss my best friend so much!! I love her if she died tonight I would cry so much I would be a destraction in school! I love her and would die with out her!!

Skillet Baked Ziti - it eas heaven in my skillet. Not easy on the diet, but an excellent hearty pasta dish!

_How to release your employee mindset. While we continue to use the term Virtual Assistant or VA, we continue to foster the 'employee mind set'. There is nothing more harmful to your administration business than getting stuck in the must please the boss phase; so unless your client, pays you holiday pay, sick pay, superannuation, and you work from their office... Here are 5 tips to help you release your employee mindset.

Inspirational quote. #va #virtualassistant

A business model built on you as the only worker bee is flawed. Hire a #VA, an administration SME to move your business to the next level.

_How to hyperlink to an anchor point in a document