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A Kidney Specialist Explains Her Faith

Why did kidney specialist Dr. Céline Granolleras start to think about God & wonder about the meaning of life? Read how Bible prophecy & research affected her faith.

Top 16 Drugs That Cause Kidney Damage: Please Share For Awareness

Your kidneys are essentially your blood’s filtration system. This means that any toxins that are in your blood eventually finds their way into your kidneys, where they are later transformed and expelled through urine. All of your blood is filtered by these organs multiple times a day

Dr. Jason Fung, 42, a kidney specialist and founder of Scarborough’s Intensive Dietary Management program, says obesity — and even those last 10 pounds — isn’t caused by overeating, but by excessive insulin.

Dissolve Kidney Stones with a Tablespoon of This Mixture

Kidneys are among our most vital organs, and they help process everything you put into your system (food, alcohol, medications, etc.). They keep your body healthy so it's a good idea to give them a boost from time to time.