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Surrogacy changes lives – are you ready to become a surrogate mother? Apply today!

How to Deal With Everyone Else Being Pregnant, and Not You. It is hard to be happy for others announcing their pregnancies, and it is even harder after being faced with disappointment month after month. For some it gets better, and for others they struggl

How to prepare your body naturally for a better #IVF success rate: #pregnancy #infertility

BarBABYdos: How to Save BIG Money on Your IVF Drugs

Always, Katie: BarBABYdos: How to Save BIG Money on Your IVF Drugs (Click through for 6 helpful tips!) save money on babies, #SaveMoney #Money

Join What to Expect and our partners Wednesday July 22 to celebrate the first-ever #BumpDay by posting a picture of your favorite bump on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

When Two Lesbians Love Each Other Very Much And They Want To Make A Baby...

"Dear magical unicorn baby: Sorry you can’t go to college, we spent our life savings bringing you into existence. YOU’RE WELCOME."

How to support implantation of the fetus in early pregnancy is one hot topic in the fertility world right now. Is it even possible to support implantation? What makes implantation successful? #ttc #fertility #naturalfertility #pregnancy #NaturalFertilityInfo

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