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Dilbert: "I have uncontrollable urges to show people better ways to do things." Fighting Darwin: Engineering Humor

21 Inspiring Quotes Every Woman Needs In Her Life

My sentiments exactly! Couldn’t have said this better. You've done enough damage in my life. I'd like you to stay out.

<3 So true...this is my outlook now. No one likes the fact that I don't care, but I like it. I like me better this way, and we get along <3

The 3 C's of "Al-Anon". This principle applies to many of life's curveballs. For example, I developed Myasthenia Gravis, a rare auto-immune neuromuscular disease 12 yrs ago. To help me cope with living with an incurable disease like MG, I have applied The 3 C's to my daily life & affirmations.

Even though I am a very apologetic person, there is no way that I am going to apologize for being lied to, hurt, or anything else like that. Nor will I apologize for being myself,