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Awwwww I've never seen this. im supposed to be working but i was finding music adn All of me by john newman came in and this just started playing

cheesefries on

Was I the only one who shouted "LIAMCORN!" And then just waited for them to break the dang award.

#22reasonsweloveZaynMalik 15: I love his relationships with the boys. How he's Lou's partner in crime. How he's Niall and Harry's protective brother. How he's Liam's best friend. I just love watching him interact with them.

Jeez.. It's true... With Niall eating loads of food, Harry being Harry, Zayn's obsession with looking at himself. and Louis being Louis.. well THANKS LIAM AND PAUL. Even though they are crazy I still love them <3

You can see Niall is blushing/smiling and Louis' like "ok, you do that" and Harry is just like "what" and Zayn put his hand on Liam's hand to help hold Niall

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