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24 Images About Bookstores That Every Reader Can Relate to

17. When you go to the bookstore and you’re feeling mischievous.

marioncolibraries: Baby got stacks! Saw a photo like this of a bookstore and we had to make our own.

Brace Yourselves The Library's Book Sale is Coming meme

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16 Hilarious Signs That Prove Libraries Are the Greatest

is the first letter of the alphabet there are twenty-five more the Chicago public library has all of them in some very interesting combinations - Google Search

19 and counting of the best picture books of 2016. Chosen using a combo of NYT Best Seller lists, critical reviews (such as those in the American Library Association's Booklist magazine), Amazon and Goodreads ratings and reviews.

Silly Calvin - we only beat you up & break your limbs if your overdue books are more than 3 days late! Have a great day everyone :)

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20 library cartoons, comic strips, and pictures

Oh I could tell you where self-help is, but that’d sort of defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it. A cartoon by Mark Anderson / Andertoons. ⇢ Credits and more info.


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I'm an author. So I write the software program that eventually turns into a book. I'm over halfway through the "program" for In Search for Adventure and Moments of Bliss: The Long Way Back.

Free, downloadable Smart lesson ideas on library topics such as ABC order, shelving books, Dewey neighborhoods, fiction vs nonfiction, using reference sources, and taking notes.