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Why Hunting Is Bad For the Environment

sweet little boy and his puppy(:

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The Poem I Wanted To Write

Dear you, If they ask me about you; You’re exactly the poem I wanted to write Though I know a poem shouldn’t have been described but loved You’re exactly the word I’ve been looking for Though they say I might end up in a broken pieces of ancient dictionary You’re exactly the rhyme I’ve been begging for With a slight hope of happiness in the most terrifying sad song You’re exactly my kind of sonnet With Shakespeare taste To witness the darkest sorrow of falling in…

Muppets poster to repin and like

Well hello there, little George Bush Jr.

26. Strengthen your core Your belly muscles are part of a network of muscles called your core, and they’re vitally important to fitness and good health. Do …

Senior Pose Tip - Avoid arms falling straight down at their sides. This makes arms appear larger and it also creates that static appearance. Position arms on hips, up against a wall or fence, overhead, in pockets…front or back…anything that shows movement.