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Wintersweet (loubai) and Pot Marigold (kinsenka)

Plum (ume) and Daffodil (suisen)

Beppu in Oita styles itself "flower town" and is reflected in its choice of designs for manhole covers

Bush Clover (hagi) and Canna Lily (kanna)

This ones easy.... cherry blossoms and tulips.... but I couldn't find it in color.

Hydrangea (ajisai) and Daisy (maagaretto)

Peach (momo) and Pansy (panji)

Some places really make an effort with their manhole designs. Yuda Onsen in Yamaguchi with more than 30 different designs being an obvious choice (click here for some examples). Another place I recently discovered is Beppu, the famous hot-spring resort in Oita. The first one features Cosmos (kosumosu) and Rose Mallow (Fuyou

Neko sculpture, Miyagawa River, Takayama

富士とイチゴと反射炉 旧韮山町のマンホール蓋