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This photo is part of a series of 7 titled La Jument. The photos were taken in 1989 by photographer Jean Guichard, and depict the French lighthouse "La Jument" in a tempest. In this photograph, a wave is about to engulf the lighthouse as its keeper, thinking Guichard's was the rescue helicopter, looks out the open door.

La Jument - On BBC's "Coast" the photographer and the man in the light house doorway was interviewed.

21 December 1989. gale force winds and huge waves of 20 to 30 metres high. Lighthouse keeper Théodore Malgorn waiting to be rescued. photographer Jean Guichard took his world-famous shot as the wave smashed against the tower. Théodore Malgorn, rushed back inside just in time to safe his life. Jean Guichard's 1989 dramatic storm photo shots earned him the World Press Photo award.

The famous lighthouse photo taken by Jean Guichard On 21st December 1989.

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