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France : Site officiel de Jean Guichard, photographe, Des photographies de phares du monde entier

Lot's of Photo's Of Things That Are Scary

There are things on this planet that are weird, bizarre & just plain scary. From insects, aliens, unknown creatures to deep sea monsters. Some of the photos might be fake, but it sure scares me. Here are some pictures & you decide for yourself....

Jean Guichard, 'La Jument', 1989, I had this photo blown up in my room when I was younger. I loved looking at the lighthouse keeper in the doorway

Jean Guichard photo of a lighthouse keeper as waves engulf the lighthouse. He thought it was the rescue helicopter..he slammed the door and ran upstairs. 1. Times I felt in danger. 2. Water adventures - can be nice ones. 3. Exploring "ruins".