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Tea Botanical iPhone 6 Case Tea iPhone 5S Case by JoyMerrymanStore

Yellow root as a natural remedy: I mix yellow root tea with juice to avoid any bitter taste. 4oz a day (when needed)

Skullcap Benefits For Your Health, including it's benefit as a natural tranquilizer:

Hollingsworth Iced Tea cocktail: A simple, refreshing gin cocktail from Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings restaurant. Just mix gin with Creme de Peche, a little Earl Grey tea and some lemon juice to make one of our favourite alcoholic ice teas.

yarrow - supposedly Brigham Young said that in the last days, those who knew how to use yarrow, Mullen, Brigham's tea, comfrey, and chaparral would be glad for it. Something like that. MANY medicinal uses.

When I discovered that I could make this (tasting even better) at home for very little time, money, or effort, hibiscus tea became my new

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lilac syrup (Our Food Stories)

Lilac syrup


Cardamom and Honey Milk

Recipe: Cardamom and Honey Milk - perfect in the evening for a good night's sleep.

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Hibiscus, lemongrass and Basil Honey Sweet Iced Tea

Now this is a kicked up sweet tea -- Hibiscus, lemongrass, Basil and Honey Sweet Iced Tea |

Do You Konw About Hibiscus Tea Benefits?