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I am pinning this again because education means so much to me. It makes me so happy that even though her entire career could have been just acting, she chose to get an education just because she wanted to. It's people like her who I really admire.


Dear Wonder Woman: YOU Will Get Arrested If You Fight Crime In That Top

Wonder Woman #girlskickass, This is another Awesome woman that I would like to pay tribute to for being a strong woman and style icon! She has always and continues also to be a great role model, style icon and smart and sexy woman! The world is a better place because of her! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER! Kickass and awesome! Get some great style tips from her as well! Beautiful!

Actress Hedy Lamarr was also a mathematician and the inventor of frequency hopping spread spectrum, a technology still used for bluetooth and wifi. Thanks to LGBT Equality World Wide for the share!

This episode was one of my favorites growing up because I loved seeing Ariel being a true friend to someone she just met and that's something everyone should admire.

Helen Keller with her pit bull, Maggie.- I truely love this because here there are people who see pitbulls and think they are such vicious animals. Helen Keller was blind and death, she had no judgment, she loved the dog no matter what breed it was. sometimes i wish people its not the breed thats cruel, its themselves.