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This recently discovered cave in Vietnam is massive beyond description. An entire forest is growing inside! There are no words to describe the enormity, and beauty of this natural wonder. The Empire State Building will fit inside!

Decorative Deterioration

‘Decorative Deterioration’ is an exploration of the effects of the passage of time on architectural structures of South East Asia. The work focuses on the contrast in architectural styles, discovering the aesthetic qualities of the traditional structures, some of which have been maintained, and others left to decay. It was primarily the time I spent in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand in 2015, which inspired this concept. Abstract, linear studies and experimental mark making, have been used…

Hanoi -- Hoan Kiem Lake, Tortoise Tower, Don Noc Son Water Puppets, Opera House and Old Quarter are all close by.

Daily Design Inspiration | Abduzeedo

Nam Phương Hoàng Hậu. L'impératrice Nam Phương. Queen Nam Phuong. The last Queen of Vietnam.