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dealing with SPD....this is how are kiddos feel at many times & in turn this is how I feel when I am helpless to make it better

drapetomania (n.) - an overwhelming urge to run away •how appropriate a picture of the ocean is displayed's almost like its taunting me

Chronic illness/pain. This is so incredibly true. Please read and share this so you can be more educated about people with chronic pain and so the other people with chronic pain can know they're not alone

Just an idea of SOME of the traits that make up precious children (and grown ups) who live with these challenges. Until you have one of these children in your life, you have NO IDEA what it's like... :) Cute, brief overview for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Would be great to teach typically developing kids for April- Autism awareness month or teacher in service in the fall.

It may not be a financial need that he has, he may not be able to function in life, he may need you to make all of the 'life' decisions, but will degrade everything you do to get you to try to please him by doing more. No matter what you do, it is never be enough. You will no longer have any time left for friends and family as he consumes your life. He will pick fights if you have plans with friends, so he will not be deprived of your constant care for him...

Toxic people speak badly about others, are negative, lack compassion, take up way too much of your time, constantly have drama going on, lie to you, criticize you, talk more than they listen, play the victim, lose their temper, have to be right, treat others poorly, are self-obsessed, try to control you, have addiction issues. (Sue Fitzmaurice)