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Explore Alberteinstein S, Oil Campaign and more!

Conservation Group Receives Death Threats over Congo Oil Campaign.

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Heroes of the Enlightenment video guide BBC

Heroes of the Enlightenment video guide w/Key BBC series Best ever!THE FIRST SEMESTER OF WORLD HISTORY THE WHOLE YEAR OF WORLD HISTORY This is a fantastic 2 day video series that covers everything from the Scientific Revolution to the American Revolution with Thomas Jefferson, French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.

Austrian Mathematician Kurt Godel - WTF fun facts

Next is the Western coyote, Canis latrans. This animal is also known as the American jackal or prairie wolf,

"What four commonly used projections do, as shown on a human head." [artist unknown; from "A Map's Other Name is Ananias" by C.H. Claudy, Scientific American Magazine, December 1921]

INCOME INEQUALITY has gotten so extreme in the United States, that Americans now rank 93rd in the world in "income equality." China's ahead of the U.S. So is India. So is Iran. Workers can strengthen their earning power by organizing!

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Trump’s ridiculous claim that he won ‘every poll’ on the second presidential debate

Trump’s ridiculous claim that he won ‘every poll’ on the second presidential debate. OF COURSE HE WOULD SAY THAT, PERPETUAL LIAR THAT HE IS.

Seasonal Science: The Reasons for the Seasons [Illustration by George Retseck, for Scientific American]

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First International Space Station Assembly Spacewalk December 7, 1998 - Endeavour’s STS-88 mission carried the first U.S. contribution to the International Space Station—the Unity node. During the flight, NASA astronauts Jerry Ross and Jim Newman made a spacewalk to connect Unity to the Russian piece in orbit, the Zarya module, by hooking up 40 cables and connectors between the structures to form the heart of the nascent space station. To date there have been 187 spacewalks outside the…