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Explore Rebecca Seeley, Interactive Study and more!

Habitats- An Interactive Study from Rebecca Seeley on - (65 pages) - A great interactive pack filled with fantastic learning opportunities!!

Interactive Owl Packet- an animal and biome study from Holly Hawley on - (83 pages) - An interactive notebook resource on owls

Insect Science Pack from Tenacity and Teaching on - (6 pages) - Parts of an Insect Science Resources - Early Childhood

Insect [Writing and Science] Pack from Pioneer Teacher on - (18 pages) - 18 page insect writing/science pack

Science Now - Chapter 8 - Just Behave from Velerion Damarke on - (14 pages) - Science Now returns for another adventure in the fields of life science, behavioral science, and heredity. The action-filled story concludes with several activities that can greatly enhance learning.

FREE Weather Review from Mrs. Hoggard's Resources on - (8 pages) - This is an interactive SmartBoard presentation that reviews weather. This should be used after you have taught weather in your classroom for about a week. It aligns with 2nd grade Essential Standards.

All About Plants from MsCristina on - (18 pages) - Botany all about plants lap book.

Lets Map: A Flower from A House Called Home on - (8 pages) - A great way to learn the parts of a flower!

General Science and Science Fair Reward Bracelets from The Teacher Garden on - (5 pages) - Motivate students with these fun reward bracelets! Just print, cut, and tape. This pack includes 5 general science bracelets and 5 science fair bracelets.

Ostriches from Ryan Nygren: RKN Ryan's Knowledge Network on - (24 pages) - Ostriches: The Gigantic Flightless Bird Thank you for taking a look at this informative and dynamic PowerPoint presentation which illustrates and explains the ostriches' Appearance, Habitats and more