Oppale, Veneto, Via dei Birrai - Highly hopped top-fermented beer, bottle conditioned. White, compact, fine and persistent head; light colour with coppery glints, sometimes there is a yeast cloud; fine perlage. Notes of caramel and toffee with herbaceous sensations and fruity hints of ripe pineapple. Well-balanced between a caramel flavour and a pronounced bitter finish. A full-bodied beer.

Rogue Brewing - Oregon craft beer

This Barrel-Aged version of our Scotch-Style ale is matured in premium bourbon barrels for up to one year to add layers of complexity to its rich, malty flavor profile. Notes of vanilla, oak and bourbon from the barrels combine with the beer’s profile of caramel and toffee to make this an utterly unique beer that we think you’ll love. Enjoy it now or let it mature in the bottle for years to come.

Beer Geek Daydream - White Stout brewed with coffee, cocoa & vanilla – Brewed and bottled by Mikkeller at Sirenm Craft Brew in UK – 330 ml – ABV: 12,0%

Mahou Negra - Dunkel beer from Spain? You betcha!

BrewChief.com Review of Black Hole (Mikkeller) : On our quests to find craft beer’s most whimsical creations, we are often confronted with a harsh reality: bigger isn’t always better. More often times than not, the complete opposite is true. I would say in general, the bigger the beers get, the sillier they become. I should note that I consider “big'' beers the ones that start exceeding 10-12% ABV. There are of course exceptions to any rule, and one name that immediately comes to mind is...

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