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Oppale, Veneto, Via dei Birrai - Highly hopped top-fermented beer, bottle conditioned. White, compact, fine and persistent head; light colour with coppery glints, sometimes there is a yeast cloud; fine perlage. Notes of caramel and toffee with herbaceous sensations and fruity hints of ripe pineapple. Well-balanced between a caramel flavour and a pronounced bitter finish. A full-bodied beer.

Timothy Taylor Landlord - probably the most handsome bottled beer in Britain

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Know Your Beer: Pale Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters And More

WHEAT BEER is reminiscent of the first brewed beers. They're a mixture of barley and wheat grains, have a low to nonexistent hops presence, cloudy appearance, and often prominent yeast flavor. The yeast used is a specialized ale yeast used only in wheat beers and contributes much of the aroma and flavor of the brew. Flavor Profile: The flavor ranges greatly depending on wheat styles, but they're typically light in flavor, making them great summer beers.

Kwak beer. Rumour has it you have to leave your shoe behind some bars as a deposit on the handsome, mini yard of ale, glass