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Explore Chicago River, Rivers and more!

This photo was taken on June 2012 during my trip to Chicago. That was my first time visiting Chicago. I was impressed by those gorgeous architectures and the beautiful river across the city. There's several times at night that I traveled on a taxi and saw this beautiful view. I told myself that I really need to get a chance to capture this amazing view for my collections.

Restaurants with Great Views in Chicago Where the Food Doesn't Suck

Nick Kindelsperger writes: “Ever feel like the quality of a restaurant is inversely related to the picturesque view it offers? I’m the first to admit that I’m an absolute sucker for a good Chicago skyline view. You’d think I’d get over seeing the towers of downtown after six years of living here. Is it possible to reconcile my child-like love of the view with my totally reasonable desire to never eat terrible food? Fortunately, there are far more options than I realized.”