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Caterpillar and chrysalis. Plate from ‘A Catalogue of the Lepidopterous Insects in the Museum of the Hon. East-India Company.’ By Thomas Hor...

‘Butterflies’ ( 1910-1914 ). Watercolour by Odilon Redon (1840 - 1916 ). Image and text courtesy Philadelphia Museum of Art.

4 of Hounds, from The Stuttgart Playing Cards Date: ca. 1430 Geography: Made…

Elephant and two boys, 19th century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Bequest of Edmund C. Converse, 1921 (21.175.113)

Owl Bottle, 9th-4th century B.C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Nathan Cummings and funds from various donors, 2005 (2005.148)

Dogs - Roman age (1st-2nd century AD) - Naples, Archaeological Museum by * Karl *, via Flickr - MATCHING GUARDIAN DOGS

Earl, Maud (1864-1943) - The Power of the Dog 1910 (Pointer).

Statuette of the Goddess Taweret, 332-30 B.C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Edward S. Harkness, 1926 (26.7.1193)

Guttus. Roman. 300 - 200 BC. Black-glaze ware pottery guttus (pourer) shaped like an elephant.  Round the body are remains of a white ivy-wreath; down the back, a ridge, out of which rises the mouth; the trunk forms the spout, and the handle is on one side. The body and legs are rather those of a pig; inside is a rattle.The main body of the vase is wheel-thrown and the trunk, legs and other details have been added separately. Made in Etruria, found at Vulci. (The British Museum)