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CLEANSE DAY!! WHOOP WHOOP! Who's feeling ready?! So WHY do we cleanse and what happens on a cleanse day?! In short it's like changing the oil in our cars!! It helps our bodies get rid of all the junk we're dragging along with us. It helps us catch up & speed up! Today my body will rid itself of 20% of my icky impurities at a cellular level (no ....whew!) with the nutritional support of the cleanse system. Yippee If you've ever wondered what happens to your body on an Isagenix cleanse…

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Check out the 50 hottest cars of the past 100 years

1. The Jaguar E-Type is the hottest car ever built. The ultimate 1960s sports car debuted in 1961 and was produced until 1974. It was famously unreliable, but that did not stop Enzo Ferrari himself from calling it the "most beautiful car ever made."

Man couldn't be worse at selling a probably stolen car By Heather Dockray2016-08-15 20:44:05 UTC Grand theft auto is a serious crime that carries grave consequences but some criminals couldnt care less. Redditor mindpsread recently discovered a deeply strange ad posted on Craigslist for a car in Morgantown Virginia. While the author of the post claims to have been the owner of the car his use of language makes him look like hes clearly stolen it and doesnt give AF about jail time. Hes…

Here's Why the Porsche Carrera GT Is the Greatest Car Ever Made

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Why Aston Martin Is Marketing Its 'Most Important Car' Ever to Young Female Drivers

There are few car badges in the world with deeper history than Aston Martin's DB line, made most famous by James Bond's beautiful, tricked-out in Goldfinger. Now, there's an all-new DB...

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Why Aston Martin Is Marketing Its 'Most Important Car' Ever to Young Female Drivers

The worst-kept automotive secret of the year, Aston Martin’s long-awaited has been officially revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. Our first glimpse of Aston’s ‘Second Century’ plan, it’s the illustrious company’s most significant car since the arrived in


Duesenberg J

Duesenberg J, Speedster Weymann (1931) Aside from its power, what gave the Duesenberg J its aura were the brand's car bodies. Car tailors such as Bohman & Schwartz, Le Baron, Brunn, Murphy, Rollston or Weymann created the most beautiful cars ever seen. It's ironic that this car appeared precisely during one of the darkest times in the USA's history, during the Great Depression, the Prohabition and organized crime. Maybe that's why, to this day, it is still connected with gangsters...

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Man with 2.6 million-mile Volvo P1800 aims for 3 million

I love this car, I want this car, why are card not made like this anymore?

If you love old cars and nature, why not blend the two with a visit to Old Car City in White, Georgia. One of the most unique places you will ever visit, Old Car City has the largest known collection of classic cars in a junkyard in the world. The cars are scattered throughout the yard, and nature has been allowed to come in and do its thing amongst them. It is as if a forest has grown and sprouted old cars with it as part of the vegetation. With hundreds of cars and plenty of classic Old…