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I have no idea what's going on...
1. Life of Pi 2.Princess and the Frog 4.500 Days of Summer 5. Psycho 9.Cinderella 12.Ratatouille 13.The Notebook 20. Planet of the Apes 22. Ted 23. Cahrlie and the Chocolate Factory 24.The Devil wears Prada 25.Titanic 26.Lord of the Rings 27.ET 28. Eat, Pray, Love 29.Les Miserables 41.Bridesmaids 43. 27 Dresses 48.The Polar Express 49.The Princess Diaries
This would be sooooo much fun
The Funniest Texts Ever Sent Between Parents And Their Children – 27 Pics
Why Tom Hanks is awesome.
sounds like my husband haha
These texts between parents and kids are hilarious! I was laughing out loud to some of them!
Looks like FedEx hired some comedians