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Discutiendo cómo hemos venido a únicamente vivir dentro de las realidades de nuestras mentes y las consecuencias de esto en el mundo real, cuando observamos nuestra relación con la definición de las Palabras.

Why is the Process of 'beingness preprogramming' opening up within existence? What is beingness preprogramming? What role did the Creators of existence play in beingness programming? How was it possible to program your beingness? How does this programming affect your state of Mind and behaviour?

What are you actually holding when you hold your mind in your hands? What are the differences in the left and right sides of your body within this process? How can you use the process of holding your mind in your hands to stabilize your emotional body connected to your memories? What is the difference between moving energy and a memory into your right hand?

Why do we sometimes ignore the signs and warnings from our bodies when we are trying something new (like alcohol or drugs)? What is behind us listening to the energy or experience over our physical bodies? How are memories involved with this decision process of ignoring our bodies?

¿Cómo y por qué es que la Lástima a Uno Mismo fue preprogramada de tal manera que asegurara que el encontrar el punto de origen que activa la Lástima a Uno es y sea todo un reto? ¿Cuáles son los reales puntos de origen detrás de la energía de Lástima a Uno mismo que catapulta nuestras Mentes dentro de tal posesión emocional? ¿Cómo es que una naturaleza específica e intensidad del Juicio a Uno Mismo en la Mente juega un rol en la activación de la Lástima a Uno Mismo? ¿Qué Sonido es ...

Who, or what, is responsible for the predominantly negative nature of our minds?

How can we assist and support ourselves to align the trinity of independence, dependence and interdependence so that it contributes positively to our personal lives and to the lives of others? What will one miss out on within one’s life and relationships when remaining in Stubbornness, instead of realizing the practical need we have to stand equal to and one with independence, dependence and interdependence? What do the words independence, dependence and inte...

How does suppression exist in your mind? Did you know that when you suppress your experiences, you are actually suppressing parts of yourself? Why do the parts of yourself that you suppress tend to surface over time? How could the things that you suppress eventually possess you?

Why have you not fully embraced your awareness that you can change yourself and your life? How did Anu ensure that people cannot change themselves simply through self will? How does your mind try to 'chain' you when you make a decision to change? How can you unchain yourself?

What is the relationship between spite and stubbornness? How does stubbornness create an illusion of independence that can lead to compromising ourselves and our relationships to others? How can we assist and support ourselves to identify the dimensions of spite and independence respectively that we use and abuse when reacting in stubbornness?