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Dwarf Marsh Violet earrings - Gold nugget from Lemmenjoki and 925 silver. Handmade Korpiorvokki korvakorut - Lemmenjoen kultahippu 925 hopealla. Paarma design.

Dwarf Marsh Violet - handmade silver necklace with gold nuggets from Lapland. Design and work by Tytti Bräysy •

Silver sugar/christening spoon with Lemmenjoki gold nugget on viola decor. Sheltered by dwarf birch Handmade by Tytti Bräysy

Unique, handmade lingonberry brooch, with casted lingonberry leaves (925 silver). Design Tytti Bräysy / Paarma design. Inari (Lapland), Finland.

Carved silver bracelet with Lemmenjoki gold nugget in korpiorvokki (Viola epipsila) -flower and self shaped garnets in kultarikko (Saxifraga aizoides)-flower. Handmade by Tytti Bräysy The main decor can me used separatelly as a pendant.

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Antlers abreast - silver necklace Handmade by Tyti Bräysy •