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Alfredo Rey E La Sua Orchestra! Sadly, they disbanded. Or unorchestrated.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon full version (I just LOVE this! And never, ever get tired of listening to it!)

It's funny because my parents would rather me listen to rock rather than pop or rap music

The accuracy is strong with this one.

The cello sounds amazing, I play, I'm not very good, but I love my teacher and hopefully one day will be able to play better

.Dallas, TX 92.5 there is great classic rock! Is there any other music worth listening to?

I find myself nodding my head to music that I am listening to in my head. I am not crazy I promise.

"People like to listen to music they can relate to So when a friend shows you a song, listen."

mostly because they would rather play MOP than Disposable Heroes or stupid Disturbed instead of Mastodon....but go to tunein radio and look under will find metal, and hecka good metal too :)

CAUTION- Exposure to music* can make you HAPPY .... ... or SAD .... .... or somewhere in between ....