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How to Clean a Coffee Carafe

How to Clean a Coffee Carafe - The Lemon Juice and Kosher Salt thing worked like magic on my thermal carafes. Yay for clean coffee pots!

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15 Things to Clean More Often

15 Things to Clean More Often: Bed Pillows - Washer and Dryer - Dishwasher - Your Kitchen Sink - Bed Sheets - Bathroom Mats - Makeup Brushes - Carpets - Purse - Your Desk at Work - Comforter - Couches - Door Knobs - Phones - Remote Control... "eww!!!"

Do not be defeated by the dreaded burnt pot — cleaning it up is easier than you think

Clean burned pots - vinegar, baking soda, and water. Bring the water and vinegar to a boil, add baking soda. Wait a couple of minutes, dump it all out and everything just wipes off!

This is the most useful thing I've ever pinned

Things I Don't Keep (Anymore): Plastic Restaurant Kid Cups

Things I Don't Keep (Anymore) Preventing Clutter at ASlobComesClean

How To Get Rid Of ADCD *Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder

*Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder is defined as a condition where you start to clean one thing but get distracted by another thing that needs cleaning. That causes you to bounce from one job to another only to end up doing a lot of work with nothing to show for it! Click through to find out how to fix this common malady!

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

every cleaning tip under the sun

20 cool things to do with baking soda

10 Household Items You're Not Cleaning Often Enough

Are you guilty of forgetting about these items and appliances? If you're like me, there are some things at home that you're (probably) not cleaning often enough! Mold, bacteria, and even house fires can be prevented with these quick & easy hacks. Get that DEEP clean feeling for your home (without actually spending all day cleaning!)