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Losing you was like ripping out my heart, I've never felt such pain!!

I'm trying to understand this new dynamic between us. It's not as simple as, "You either want me or you don't. I hate that. Keeping you in my life might kill me. But letting you go will. Dang this is my life with one special person.

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It was painful but I know now what I deserve. You left me an did it so easy. Im happy you did tho. Because I met some amazing people that changed my life and helped build me instead of tear me down like you did.

Losing You  But the worst thing about losing you was that you took my heart with you. - Nikita Gill

You took a very big piece of my heart.it lies next to you every day, every breath I take.my heart breaks a little more. I love you mom dad n grandma

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Always you

I dreamt of him last night and he asked me, "What's your biggest mistake?" I reached for his hands, but I woke up before I could answer him. And even though I knew he could not hear me then, I still said it aloud, "You. Losing you. I will always be you.

Literally the only way to describe it, and still too simple.

it was instinctive the way i fell for you like an intake of breath - Josh Walker