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AncestryDNA: Everybody's Doing It - Who should take an AncestryDNA test? Why would you want multiple people in your family to get tested? What can you do with all of those test results? Join Crista Cowan and AncestryDNA Program Manager, Anna Swayne for answers to these questions and more.

Following this helpful cheat sheet of how many ancestors each person has, can you determine how many 11th great-grandparents you could potentially have?

AncestryDNA discoveries made easier with the help of the shaky leaf. This new kind of hint will help you easily spot a DNA match who shares an ancestor with you - we call it the "Shared Ancestor Hint." Learn more here. #genealogy #AncestryDNA #DNA

AncestryDNA: The Search for Biological Family - Many of you have taken the AncestryDNA test for the sole purpose of discovering more about your biological family. Some of you have been contacted by cousin matches who are hoping you can help them in their search. Join Crista Cowan to learn some of the tips and tricks for working with your AncestryDNA results and connecting with your DNA cousins to narrow in on those biological ancestors.

AncestryDNA: Cousin Matches and DNA Circles - AncestryDNA just released version two of cousin matches and new DNA Circles. Join Crista Cowan for a look at the changes and new features. Learn where to find the help materials and scientific white papers that explain the changes. Then spend some time exploring your own DNA matches and discovering more of your story.

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