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Christmas Wrapping: brown butcher paper, embellishments, and upcycled Christmas tags

gift wrapping. use a pretty handkerchief, bandana, scarf or tea towel for smaller gifts like books instead of paper that will just be thrown away. Can also use a handkerchief or bandana in a gift bag instead of tissue paper.

I like this idea of wrapping with cloth and scarves rather than wrapping paper. Neat-o

Many lovely little things going on in this gift wrap, including a mini clothespin, a doily-ish gift tag, and a sewn paper garland that could be reused as a decoration.

Fabric gift wrap! Eco friendly, reusable and looks way easier than paper and tape!

Cloth wrapping instead of traditional wrapping paper. I've always used squares of fabric (pinked edges) and scarves. Sometimes I'd even sew simple cloth bags. Some have been around for years and years!

**monogram** If your a scrapbooker or stamper ..... you'll have letter stamps handy and all sorts of paper shapes and colors in your a scrapbooker. Cute idea on nicer gift wrap! :)

Burp cloths as "wrapping paper," great no-waste solution!