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pronunciation | ‘zUg-zwang In the original German, zugzwang means any situation where you face external circumstances that force you to act. But the word has been adapted into a chess term, where it does mean a situation where you can’t act without being damaged by the result.

Criminal Minds Fan! on Instagram: “Hmmm, what do you think? Sorry for my absence again, I've been rather occupied lately, but I am in desperate need for edits, so go ahead and request them! Aaaaand I haven't done any work over summer. *Sam Smith voice* I know I'm not the only one... SOTD: @profiling_jareau!”

I will give myself the world. I deserve it. #bossbabe

My wonderful friend, Janet Rogers. The painter of sunlight on people's faces.

Some men fight criminals with their fists. I fight them with my 187 IQ mind.

Oh my god. Reid with little Sammy...I almost cried watching this.