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#It'sJustIce @techsavvynyc with @greencitychllng at the #PeopleClimateMarch, @Peoples_Climate

RSVP The People's Climate March, this Sept 20-21, 2014, will be the biggest climate march of all time. Be there or be a trapezoid! Click through to learn more!

The hypocrisy of the people who claim to care so much about the environment and advocates of doing something about climate change: they left the city littered with garbage. If there is no receptacle, I don't so much as litter a kleenex - I put the used ones in a spare pocket til I get home. If enviro-nuts want me to change MY ways, is this what they want me to start doing?

People are giving our planet a voice... a voice that needs to be heard! #ClimateChange #PeopleClimateMarch

#FrackOff @techsavvynyc with @greencitychllng at the #PeopleClimateMarch, @Peoples_Climate

@techsavvynyc with @greencitychllng at the #PeopleClimateMarch, @Peoples_Climate #ClimatePeople

@techsavvynyc with @greencitychllng at the #PeopleClimateMarch, @Peoples_Climate #FrackOff

@techsavvynyc with @greencitychllng at the #PeopleClimateMarch, @Peoples_Climate #FrackOff

@techsavvynyc with @greencitychllng at the #PeopleClimateMarch, @Peoples_Climate

What the Anti-Fracking Movement Brings to the Climate Movement » EcoWatch | Very good article that I hope all will read and share. We all need to do everything we can to stop fracking everywhere. It is not safe and it is destroying the environment, the planet and everything that lives.