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This is actually not a pun.. it's the name of the playlist...

wait so i can't figure it out if it means tøp or if it's because the word top is over josh and josh is the top.

Band meme!!! I do this! I also can tell what instrument someone plays by looking at them :P

Aunt: What instrument would your cousin play on band? Me: Saxophone Aunt: Ugh! Me: Fine, percussion! My mind: But he would be such a good saxophone! (Based on a true story)

Lol I yelled it out and the phone rang....not sure if it Tyler or not ( probably not though)

i wish this could happen, besides my friends hate TØP.

Why is twenty one pilots my entire life

Why is twenty one pilots my entire life>> don't complain. Just sit in silence<< TØP polarized me

They are both su coot *^*

Tyler Joseph // Josh Dun // twenty one pilots //// I love chocolate burritos

yeah mine is just pictures of dan and phil ived saved off of pinterest

Naahhhhh I don't think so either I also rather spend time with fictional characters, band members, and actors than actual people .