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10 US Archaeological Discoveries Shrouded In Mystery

10 US Archaeological Discoveries Shrouded In Mystery - Listverse

Did China discover America 3,300 years ago?

Epigraph researcher John Ruskamp claims these symbols shown in the enhanced image above, found etched into rock at the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are evidence that ancient Chinese explorers discovered America long before Christopher Columbus stumbled on the continent in 1492

7 of the World’s Oldest Foods Discovered by Archeologists

Subway work in Greece unearths ancient gold wreath - Excavation work during construction of a new subway network in Greece’s second largest city has discovered an ancient wreath made of gold that was buried with a woman some 2,300 years ago. Archaeologists say Friday’s find in Thessaloniki occurred on the site of an ancient cemetery in the west of the northern port city.

Juliane Koepcke was in an airplane that exploded over the Peruvian rain forest. Still strapped into her seat, she fell about 10,000 feet, crashing through the canopy to the forest floor. She suffered a broken collarbone and gash to one arm, as well as more minor injuries. Koepcke rifled the plane's wreckage for food, discovering only some candy. With this to survive on, she found a stream and followed it downstream to civilization, a journey of nine days.

1 Kitty, 2 Empires, 2,000 Years: World History Told Through a Brick

ancient roman brick (from britannia) with cat prints somehow found its way to washington state

Unknown dinosaur almost blown to oblivion

A newly discovered species of dinosaur is identified from an extraordinarily complete fossil almost destroyed by dynamite.