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US Sikhs feel vulnerable, join with Muslims to combat backlash -

Can't be a HATE crime ??? The guy was WHITE, not to mention mentally challenged...while they were screaming fuck white people !!!!!!! Turn it around and the media would be going insane !!!

Radiation Detox: How to Rebuild Your Health after Radiation Therapy

If you decide to receive radiation treatment for your particular cancer condition, click on the image and read on to educate yourself about the side effects and risks of the procedure beforehand.

Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! Click Here #BB4SP

Trump Train ran Granny Hillary Killery over with unrelenting menace BWAHAHAHAHA ~@guntotingkafir GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

PTSD Symptoms and treatments. ~ Sometimes I've felt like I have PTSD or symptoms. Not to trivialize it for those who have the real thing. Those who have been to combat or other reasons. ... But I was taken from my mom at age 10. No one wants to hear about it. Least of all my family. I've been shunned from my family because of the bi-polar anyway. Helps to put down in words. But after that day time seemed to stop.

16 Ways to Combat That

16 Ways to Combat That