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I have this quote at home, in my office, in my purse: “Worrying is preparing for failure; positively affirming is preparing for success.”

This article by Dr. York really resonated with me. We are all busy, we need to stop using that as an excuse and shift our priorities... "Here's what busy really means: I'm not focusing on what matters most."

مبيعات آيفون القوية ترفع عائدات آبل لأكثر من 37 مليار دولار

On the Hunt With New York’s Subway Matchmaker

The Ethicist Contest Winner: Give Thanks for Meat

For me, eating meat is ethical when one does three things. First, you accept the biological reality that death begets life on this planet and that all life (including us!) is really just solar energy temporarily stored in an impermanent form. Second, you combine this realization with that cherished human trait of compassion and choose ethically raised food, vegetable, grain and/or meat. And third, you give thanks.