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The latest Tweets from Dr. Lynn J Anderson (@andersonDrLJA). Family Man; Christian (LDS); Retired Colonel USArmy; 5 GGFather killed in Revolutionary War; Father Navy WWII; Brother Marine VietNam: Want USA Back As Once Was. Please Visit & Like

Network: Dive into Donald Trump's thousands of lawsuits

A deep dive by USA TODAY shows how Trump amassed thousands of lawsuits over three decades, unprecedented for a presidential nominee.

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Denial, lies, deceit, finger pointing, more lies, deceit. Arrogance, conceit and ignorance in our public offices. Take America Back - beginning on November 6th.

Krauthammer: ObamaCare Architect Remarks ‘True Voice of Liberal Arrogance’.....(progressives always know what is best for their peons)

’There are no extra-terrestrial beings’’ said the space-faring human. The latter quote reeks with irony and the arrogance of humankind to assume we are the pinnacle of creation when in fact the evidence shows that we are the new kids on the block in a universe teaming with intelligent life. In my book i take a no holds barred approach to many a taboo subjects and point you toward the evidence that has been right in front of our eyes but also hidden in a veil of secrecy and deceit by the…

people who show them examples of their lying, deceitful hollow character people who show them their hypocrisy. people who are not weak and do not whine but lay waste to their false attributes. people who can substantiate their accusations, logic, and conclusions. (this addresses the arrogant and stupidity part if you need help with that!)