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We are now in the homestretch so we wanted to post the details, specifics and guidelines for the rally. Many thanks to all who have helped, donated and supported us in our efforts. Please note that the rally program will now be starting at 10:30 a.m. instead of 11:00 a.m. We are very excited and look forward to seeing you on Saturday! In Solidarity, We Are Woman

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Warren: "Pathetic Coward" Trump Makes Death Threats Because "He's Losing to a Girl"

Warren: "Pathetic Coward" Drumpf Makes Death Threats Because "He's Losing to a Girl"

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Bad Day Warning

Kindess Always | Plum Pretty Sugar (its so hard sometimes especially when the person doesn't deserve it.)

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The trick to keeping your potatoes from sprouting

How to keep potatoes from getting soft and mushy and starting to grow. I wish I would have known how well this works years ago!

Yes! The working people are the modern day slaves!


Supreme Court Rules on Religious College's Birth Control Plea

SCOTUS has opened the floodgates. Now the discrimination and bullying by christians is going to be legal and out in the open and far more prevalent than it already is.

Inspiration woke me up early every morning last week. Meditate For Bernie launches today! #MeditateForBernie is a series of free online live group meditations. It is also about matching to the vibration of what we want to see become real, in our country and on earth. It’s not a political group, rally, or discussion.