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Cavy Shack in Paisley with Bubblegum Pink by PeeweesPiggyPalace

Cavy Shack in Teal Butterflies with Bubblegum Pink

HK hoody hut with pink fleece interior for guinea by Piggiepopshop

Woodland friends Bungalow by Piggiepopshop on Etsy

Paisley with Bubblegum Pink.. Plush Pillow by PeeweesPiggyPalace

Teal Butterflies with Bubblegum Pink.. Plush by PeeweesPiggyPalace

Guinea pig Snuggle Sac.. Reversible Turtles by PeeweesPiggyPalace

Guinea pig Sneaky Sack.. Turtles and Chicks by PeeweesPiggyPalace

Colorful monkeys bungalow with lavender interior by Piggiepopshop

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