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Heineken Icone Pure Heineken and French designer ORA-ÏTO teamed up again after previous collaborations. Back in 2002 ORA-ÏTO received the ‘oscar for the best packaging’ for his aluminum Heineken bottle. The outcome of the latest collaboration is a new limited edition set of 100% sustainable aluminum bottles; the Icone Pure.

13 Reasons Why You're Not Successful

#Success #Infographic I post this to motivate myself --because it is my board. However, some of these "motivational tips" are oversimplified and do not take things like mental illness into account. IMO

How to Promote your Photography using Facebook

A Guest Post by Saurabh Jain. Being an amateur photographer, promoting my photography from commercial stand-point was difficult. I started my own website (burning a good amount of cash) whose promotion took me endless mailers and sharing on social networks, resulting in a page-loads exceeding my expectations however, generating almost no business. I had a […]

Decorating the mantel for summer with a DIY chevron sign...

Cinnamon Roll Almond Flour Donuts

Cinnamon Roll Almond Flour Donuts / Roost #paleo #glutenfree {OMG, these looks so amazing and without the not so good for you ingredients}

Using your 5 senses to bring the love back. (Part 5) Homework: Listen and explore your partners mind! One reader reported back: “I found out a couple of his childhood stories I didn't know about! It was a fun experiment... and not as easy as I thought it would be. But worth it!” How fantastic is that… learning new things, gaining more insight into someone you love. A journey well worth the effort!