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you touched my heart, you touched my soul, you changed my life and all my goals. James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover

Sometimes you meet someone who is perfect. Their only flaw is what breaks you. Forever in my heart. Never a mindGame!

Goodbye my lover song (James Blunt) Quote Lyrics

But tonight's the night I need to go since you at cadets it'll be the end of me I will not write a suicide note just read my comments and that shall tell all.

Don't ever lie to me I'd rather know the truth even if you don't feel this way tell me so I can move forward and stop concerning myself with you and to make healthier choices for my life

When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. We Did Too! We Knew Right From The Beginning We Were Each Other's.

Instead of liking someone, try stepping on lego pieces into a fire. It would hurt a lot less x

everytime she laughs she hopes he's watching hoping that he will fall for her smile just as hard as she fell for his.

Me with my crush

The person you want to be yourself around the most ironically is the one who makes you clam up.

. And then I could just tell you how I feel about you.

Top 25 Cute Crush Quotes

I wish to ask this of everyone -- mostly out of curiosity, and I want a straight-up all-truth answer. What I want to hear is what you really, absolutely, wholeheartedly think.