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The US government is suing to force an auction house to return the fossil of a dinosaur that roamed Mongolia 70 million years ago to the Asi...

Sarcosuchus - Living 112 million years ago it was one of the largest crocodylomorpha that ever lived, reaching an estimated length of 39 feet long & estimated weight of 8 tons.

The original 1905 skeletal mount of Triceratops horridus at the Smithsonian. This was the world's first mount of a horned dinosaur, and included skeletal elements from over a dozen different individuals, some of which weren't the same size and gave us bones that were too small for the skeleton. It also contained several sculpted elements that technicians made by hand, and the foot bones of a different dinosaur, a duckbill dinosaur, to replace missing Triceratops bones.

Animantarx Nodosaur Skeleton (Animantarx ramaljonesi skeleton) Early Cretaceous, from the Cedar Mountain Formation of Western Colorado, USA Molded from a specimen at the College of Eastern Utah, Price, Utah The type species is the only one known so far, and is called A. ramaljonesi after its discoverer, Ramal Jones. His wife, Carol Jones, also discovered the contemporaneous dinosaur Eolambia nearby

Triceratop /by Zachi Evenor, via Flickr/ Triceratops טריצרטופס, three-horned face, a Ceratopsid dinosaur from Late Cretaceous, North America. Skull photo by Zachi Evenor, skeleton photo by ceasol, processing by MathKnight, Wikipedia Links: www.flickr.com/photos/ceasol/2482666296/ commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Triceratops-0060-skull-an... he.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triceratops

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