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A Jordanian police officer shot and killed two Americans on Monday at a U.S.-funded facility for training Iraqi and Palestinian security forces, before committing suicide, a security source said.

Congressman: Obama Creating Tyrannical PC Culture in Military. Telling them what they can/can't read, to hide their religious beliefs! This is getting ridiculous!

Our Flag Flying Proudly One Nation Under God * * * * * * * * * * * * Lord, Please Bless Our Troops, They're fighting for our Freedom. * * * * * * * * * * * * God Bless Our Republic

A Light Infantry mortar-man attempting to momentarily relieve his load. Along with the standard 75 lbs of combat ready equipment (minus his weapon and ammo) he must also carry the mortar base plate and at least 4 mortar rounds. His buddy would be carrying the mortar itself...on his back. Just another day in the field.

Air Force Maj Duane W. Dively, 43, of Rancho California, California. Died June 22, 2005, serving during Operation Enduring Freedom. Assigned to 1st Reconnaissance Squadron, Beale Air Force Base, California. Died of injuries sustained when his U-2 aircraft crashed in Southwest Asia, He was heading back to his base in the United Arab Emirates after completing a mission in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom.

You fill in the blank. Bubbles, I think we would all agree has a kid gentle spirit. Her man is heading back to battle shortly and both of them deserve our best; they are giving theirs . Here's your chance to support a soldier and to support Bubbles.