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Bumble bees feed on nectar from flowering plants and are a beneficial insect because they pollinate crops and other plants. hey will sometimes build their nests in soffits of attics or other sites around houses or buildings. A disturbed bumble bee will buzz loudly.

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Planting for the birds and bees

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Great plants to invite these beautiful "flying flowers" into your yard.

Native Everlasting Daisy Rhodanthe chlorocephala

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Using Spearmint And Lemongrass To Protect Bees From Mites That Threaten Hives

Scientists around the country are investigating several possible causes of Colony Collapse Disorder, including pesticides, viruses, genetically modified crops and even cell phones. One West Virginia University said he is certain that at least 70 percent of the CCD is caused by tiny mites, roughly the size of a sesame seed, and the pathogens they carry.

Hyssop is an attractive flowering herb commonly grown for its flavorful leaves. Growing a hyssop plant is easy and makes a lovely addition to the garden. Find out how to grow hyssop plants in this article.

The Perfect Green Smoothie FormulaReally nice recipes. Every hour.Show me what you cooked!

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Downtown Petaluma

Permaculture plant guilds combine three or more plants to mirror an ecosystem — producing food, building soil health, and providing food for pollinators. To learn more permaculture principles, check out out Tierra: Online course.

How to identify poison ivy. Useful for camping!

How to identify poison ivy. Useful for camping!