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Despite the difficult economic climate South Africa finds itself in, this black-female-owned steel-manufacturing company manages to make waves. A truly inspiring read. http://vip-construction.co.za/black-female-owned-steel-manufacturing-company-makes-waves-market/

I've had an interest in politics since 9/11 which motivated me to join the USAF. I did so because I wanted to do my part. I quickly learned as many already knew how the US military is owned by oil companies and economic manipulators. So I left. I became inspired when Obama ran for 2008 and 2012 but mostly became disillusioned with his continuation of so many Bush era policies. I supported Bernie in 2016 only to see him stymied by corporate Democrats. . Now we've ended up with the worst…

Carmel Honey Company grew out of a passion for #bees and good grades as a student real world homework assignment in 5th grade. Jake not only got an A on the project but created a business! "Jake Gives Back" - a non-profit - supports #honey and #bee research with a monetary donation every year based on the company proceeds seeking out organizations who are expanding research and education efforts by addressing the production nutritional value health benefits economics and/or quality standards…

The Manhattan throw by Elvang Denmark has a checkered design inspired by the streets, angles and blocks in New York. It's made of an extremely soft wool mixture and is produced in Peru in order to contribute to the economic growth and relieve the poverty of the alpaca shepherds. Elvang Denmark is a Fair Trade certified company and only selects manufacturer that secure good working conditions and pay the workers fairly.

Regardless of the economic landscape, companies consistently struggle with attracting and keeping the right people. To help alleviate the high rate of employee turnover and successfully boost talent retention, Mandy Johnson created a “Highfliers 7-step System.” Detailed in Winning the War for Talent, this system strives to give companies the tools necessary to recruit, inspire, and retain the best people possible, then help them thrive.

This summer, Yoga International sought 12 sustainable companies committed to making a positive social, environmental, and economic impact. We hope you'll find everything you need to prepare yourself for the season—and that you’re left feeling inspired!

Self Promo // ruiz + company >>> Expire / Inspire >>> "Self-Promotion Campaign for the magazine Yorokobu. In the context of the economic crisis in which we find ourselves, we would like to run a campaign that reflects our attitude to the present times, a declaration of intentions in favour of action, change and the adapting of our needs to the market."

Meet the 33-year-old Silicon Valley CEO whose company combines economic theory and online auctions

On November 21 at the 2016 FinTech Awards the DMZ and Ryerson Zone Startups were recognized for their support of fintech in Canada. The DMZ was named Accelerator Incubator or Entrepreneurial Network Most Supportive of FinTech. Ryersons Zone Startups received the award for Academic Institution Most Supportive of Fintech. The event was held by the Digital Finance Institute a think tank that focuses on the next generation of financial services. The DMZ was selected among three finalists that…

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