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A new immortal.

It's a funny concept, but my favorite is the part about being mistaken for an enchanted well. I can picture the immortal getting bored and playing along for a few decades and then having a disgruntled wisher come back to complain about everything that went wrong after they made their wish/got their advice. And maybe it turns out that the wisher became immortal as a result of it and are coming back to say that they know exactly what's going on and the trapped immortal can just sit and think…

This is such a great idea for a Halloween treat. If you are having a Halloween party, these Vampire Kiss Cupcakes are something you definitely want to have. Everything about them screams Halloween. From the black, mirror frosting, to the red filling that looks absolutely gross. This is such a great baking project to do, …

Watching this episode for the first time was when I first began falling in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.