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fetus voldemort on Twitter: "Tyler #SunriseRoadshow"

band, gif, music, twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, 21p, josh dun, 21 pilots, tøp, with-nbhd << THE 21 THIGS ARE FREAKIG ME OUT RN

shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts - no.

READ PLEASE: Okay so i get to go to a tøp concert in August and I wasn't sure what time to get there and if it's where you can get to the front if you get there first or you have to sit where your ticket says¿? I just wanted to make sure :) thanks if you can help

tylerandthejosephs: “twenty one pilots + singles (insp.) ”

Also, if you listen really closely after the opening chords in the Pantaloon, you can hear someone whisper "three, four" before Tyler starts singing.<<<<YES!!!! If you listen closely at the end of Trapdoor you can hear him sigh. :( ////// IVE HEARD ALL OF THESE THINGS AND IT MAKES ME CRY