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Feverfew A tea made from the whole plant is used in the treatment of arthritis, colds, fevers etc. It is said to be sedative and to regulate menses. An infusion is used to bathe swollen feet. Applied externally as a tincture, the plant is used in the treatment of bruises. Chewing 1-4 leaves a day has proven to be effective in the treatment of some migraine headaches.

Life without brain is so exhausted I must keep it busy, busy. If I rest it will go crazy with disbelief complete disbelief that you are gone gone from my eyes, gone from my arms , CLIFFTON. I MISS YOU SO EXTREMELY MUCH MY LOVE.

My headache from hell last night is finally gone. hallelujah. It was so bad, probably the worst one I've had in a long, long time.

meditate, practice to stay in present moment Beware, beware My head in the air I’m lost in fantasy I’m lost in despair Beware, beware My head in the air

I've got a migraine. // This isn't very similar or anything. But I like it because it expresses my current state of mind. #tylerjoseph #twentyonepilots #tøp #migraine #icouldpullthesteeringwheel