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If sibling rivalry is the negative side of family relationships, family unity is the positive! The Bible uses so many illustrations of family life to describe our relationship to God and to each other in the church, it’s worth the work to build those positive, joyful relationships at home. This episode, we’ll share concrete examples of things we found helpful keeping a family of ten heading the right direction (and all together).

Is it possible to teach my kids values—especially a love for God and family—without moving to a deserted island. Or worse, disconnecting cable forever? Here are some tips for making wise media choices as a a free printable!

Sometimes, the thought of trying to fit "one more thing" into our busy lives even includes "quiet time!" God never meant for it to be a burden. Join Heidi at the podcast today and she talks with busy mom, Durenda, about a few easy *guilt free* ways to nurture your spirit in the midst of a busy family life.

Also, know that you were created for a reason. God made you, formed you. He made and formed your child. He has a good plan for your life. You are important to God, and that makes you important.