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Ego its a funny thing,it gets you most when you think you dont have one to let it go is to be free :)♥

Insights driving resilience. Resilient people understand their emotions and what's driving them. They still feel the same emotions as everyone else, they just react in a way that works for them. Put simply, they choose their thoughts rater than their thoughts choose them. #resiliencematters

Mindfulness Meditation: Breaking it Down

What is mindfulness meditation? We're breaking it down and giving you 3 easy steps to be more mindful. We've also included an infographic to help you see the benefits.

23 Quotes You Should Never Forget

Love CS Lewis! And you don't have to be "religious" to have faith! 23 Quotes You…

Brilliant quote…

....and why we need to keep religion out of schools....because A WOMAN DID NOT COME FROM MANS RIB DAMN IT! BTW - Movie: Detachment