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See this Instagram photo by @iamnonasimone with @magda.kmiecik for her project "When the Hair Grows" || Multi-textured hair. Frizzy hair. Poofy hair. Fluffy hair. Natural hair. Long natural hair. Long Afro Hair. Kinky curly hair.

LipSense Facts about the LipSense Color, Gloss and Oops Remover

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Natural Ways to Remove Lipstick + 6 More Valentine's Day Stain Removers

Http:// ID#211916 NEW YORK LIPSENSE COLLECTION $55 Click on ShopNow Lips LipSense and select your color, + to cart Then click on LipSense Gloss and select your gloss, + to cart Then click on Ooops! Remover, + to cart *ships in 5-7 business days

10 Graphs That Will Make you Pro at Cleaning Anything
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10 Graphs That Will Make you Pro at Cleaning Anything

Today's graphic is will teach you some very practical ways to clean different areas of your home. AKA use baking soda to clean everything. LystHouse is the simple way to buy or sell your home. Visit to maximize your ROI on your home sale.

WD-40 does pretty much everything. stops mirrors from misting, cleans stainless steel sinks, removes crayon and lipstick stains..etc etc

Wait! Before you turn that cami into a dish rag, we have some tips to remove stains from your women's clothing. You can battle even the most notable stains with a little bit of know-how and we will show you how save a few items and save money. Use this laundry guide to troubleshoot your ugliest laundry dilemmas. Your first step is to understand that not all stains are created equal, so each type needs a personalized treatment. We go over stains such as: wax, makeup, blood, wine, baby formula…

Super simple & thoughtful gift idea for the holidays: DIY Solid Perfume 2 tsp candelilla wax (can find this on amazon) 2 tsp jojoba oil (I personally love @thejojobacous) 40-50 drops essential oils A couple EO combo suggestions: Peppermint and grapefruit Lavender and orange Melt candelilla wax in microwave or double boiler over low heat. Once melted add jojoba oil and stir for a minute or two. Remove from heat and add in your essential oils. Stir baby stir! Immediately pour perfume…