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Japanese car maker Nissan has unveiled its own concept smartwatch under the Nismo brand... The watch could connect to the car using a smartphone app and Bluetooth, and offer Nissan a chance to send tailored messages to wearers.

Nissan enters wearable technology space with the unveil of the nismo watch concept. The device connects to the car using a smartphone app with a low energy bluetooth connection. The packaging is made from recycled tyres and rubber...Read more: http://www.designboom.com/technology/nismo-smartwatch-concept-by-nissan-connects-to-your-car/

Nissan has brought in a whole different concept into the way watches have been seen as in the past and today. The nissan smartwatch is meant for racers because it monitors and analyzes a vehicles performance as well as the drivers heart rate. Although, the smartwatch has been revealed to its consumers we wont see it commercially sold for quite sometime. But news like this lets the consumers know the direction technology is heading towards in the near future. -Anthony Melo

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