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"ELIZAAAAA is the BEST thing in our lives; so never lose sight of the fact that you have been blessed with the BEST wife! CONGRATULATIONS! For the rest of /your/ life? Every sacrifice you make is for MY SISTER--give her THE BEST LIFE! Congratulations!"

* giggle insanely and the dissolves into sobbing*

At what point will Alex Trebek say, "Stop with the Hamilton questions. They all know the answers now."?

he doesn't deserve her. but i do love how he says john first

I love how in The Reynolds Pamphlet, you hear #3 for the second time and her voice is full of passion for Eliza and anger at Alexander. The song's tempo is sped up as if reflecting desperation, and Angelica is almost rapping to keep up. Renee does an amazing job to where it almost sounds like she's crying as she tells Alexander she's done with him and her sister matters so much more now.

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Interesting interpretation, but nowadays even just saying "I'll be around for you" is a promise on its own cause you're promising to be there for them when they need you.